Pastor David Borg

David Borg Minister at Family Worship Center, Baton Rouge David Borg came to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in 1989 and has been actively involved in various aspects of ministry inside and outside of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. He has served as pastor and associate pastor of several churches over the years, and served as prison ministry pastor for Family Worship Center from 1997-2000. He is currently teaching at World Evangelism Bible College, and is a member of the pastoral staff at Family Worship Center, sharing the pulpit with other JSM ministers.

Brother David Borg is a regular participant on Brother Swaggart’s program “Message of the Cross”, which airs over SonLife Radio and is available for meetings. To reach Brother Borg you may call or write.

P.O. Box 262550
Baton Rouge, LA 70826

Martha Borg Live at Family Worship Center
Schedule of Meetings
Nov 4-5, 2016 - San Augustine, TX

Faith Alive Church

1013 FM 1277
San Augustine, TX. 75972

Pastor Jeff Headrick

Times :
Fri 7:00pm
Sat 2:00pm

*** Special Music from MARTHA BORG

Jan 5-8, 2017 - Coachella, CA

Send the Fire Ministries
Meetings to be held at:
Palm View Elementary School
1390 7th St.
Coachella, CA

Tel: (760) 342 – 9612

Times :
Thur 7:00pm
Fri 7:00pm
Sat 6:00pm
Sun 2:00pm

*** Special Music from MARTHA BORG - Thurs & Fri.

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