From the opening song by the Crossfire Worship Team to the last amen on Saturday night, we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at the 2018 Salvation Station International Kids Conference. It was easy to see that the children who attended came expecting to receive from God.

Old And New

We had a mixture of children—some had attended IKC in years past, and others were first-timers. Both groups came anticipating a great move of God and they were not disappointed. In fact, many of them made plans to come again next year.The theme of our 2018 conference was “Magnify the King,” and magnify the King they did!

Fun Way To Learn About Jesus
We had two services each day—the main reason we have IKC—but we also had some fun activities every afternoon. It has been said that the International Kids’ Conference is the fun way to learn about Jesus, and we gave them fun.

Anointed Music
The Salvation Station Worship Team, under the leadership of James Smith and Pastor Justin Reese, operated under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. From the beginning of the first musical note, both children and adults worshipped the Lord with all of their hearts.

Anointed Preaching
We want to thank Pastor Christopher Steele, Pastor Mario Nash, Pastor David Cavazos, and children’s Evangelist Angela Schneiderman for helping me minister at this year’s conference. They were truly instruments in God’s hands.

Never The Same

Seeing kids at the altars receiving from the Lord was the norm for every service. For each IKC, our prayer has always been, “Lord don’t let them leave the same way they came. Never the same—let them never be the same.” In reality, that was the prayer for the ministers as well.

Filled With The Holy Spirit
Friday night’s service was special. When I gave the invitation for those wanting to be baptized in the Holy Spirit or to receive a fresh infilling, the altars quickly filled up. That particular altar call lasted well over an hour as boys and girls and men and women were filled with the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues, as presented in the Bible. Children started to pray one for another. They then started praying for adults to receive, and they did receive.

Thank You
I thank the Lord for a powerful International Kids’ Conference. I also want to thank all those who helped with this year’s International Kids’ Conference. You were awesome. To the children’s pastors from various churches who chose this event to bring their kids to: thank you. A special thank you to Brother and Sister Swaggart, Pastor Donnie and Sister Debbie, and Pastor Gabe and Sister Jill for your ongoing support of the children’s ministry here at Family Worship Center. And thank you to the employees at JSM and FWC who offered their talents and skills to help us put on the best IKC ever. And one more time—thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping us to magnify the King!

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