From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
April 2020

A Special Word For You
I believe that what I’m going to give you could change your life.
We have prayer meeting every Saturday morning. A few weeks ago while in a prayer meeting, the Lord began to heavily move upon my heart. He took me to the great miracle of the healing of the waters of Jericho under the great prophet Elisha. Elisha was coming back from the translation of Elijah. It was a high-water mark (as should be obvious) in this man’s life and ministry. He had studied under the greatest prophet in the world, and maybe for all time, other than John the Baptist. He would now have what he had sought, which was a double portion of the spirit of Elijah.

At any rate, when Elisha came straight from the translation of Elijah, he approached the Jordan River and asked, “Where is the LORD God of Elijah?” (II Kings 2:14). He then saw the waters open before him.

As he came into the city, the city fathers met him and said to him, “The place is pleasant, but the ground is barren because the water is poisoned.”

What The Lord Told Him To Do
As he stood beside the well that led to the poisoned water, which was contaminating the ground, the Spirit of the Lord told him to request of the city fathers a new cruse.

Now, this new cruse was a type of the incarnation of Christ, in other words, God becoming man. A cruse in those days was made of clay, just as Jesus would step down from His lofty position to take upon Himself human flesh (clay). The Spirit of the Lord specified that it had to be a new cruse. Jesus Christ was new unlike any other human being who has ever lived, but yet, He was fully human. However, during this time, He never ceased to be God. He performed no miracles as God, but only as the man Christ Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit.

He then told the city fathers to put salt in the new cruse, which was a type of the incorruptible Word of God. This they did, and Elisha poured the salt into the well on the poisoned water. I’m sure that you can understand what happened then. The Word was applied to the problem, and the problem was solved.

The Word Of The Lord
At any rate, the great prophet said: “Thus saith the LORD, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land” (II Kings 2:21); and so, the waters were healed from that very day.

I want you to look at that word for yourself—the waters are healed; there shall be no more death or barren land. That means that if you believe it and stand upon the promise, your situation, whatever it might be, is going to turn around, and it will be for the better, much better. Believe it, take it, and receive it. It is yours! (You can find the full account of this in II Kings 2:11-22.)