From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
April 2023

As of the present time, The Expositor’s Study Bible has sold nearly 6.5 million copies. We label it as, “The Bible designed to help you understand the Bible.”

As a result of your generosity during our monthly Bible-thons, these Bibles are scattered all over the world and, to be frank, I don’t know of anything that is more missionary minded, more helpful to the work of God, or helps people understand the Word more than The Expositor’s Study Bible. Thank you for helping to make this possible, for without you, we simply could not do this. At any given time, cases of these Bibles are ready to be shipped, or they have already been shipped. And they’re going out to countries all over the world.

With your help, we have sent outreach Bibles to Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, the Republic of Panama, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Malawi, Nicaragua, Chile, Poland, South Africa, Nigeria, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Russia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Pakistan, which I am extra thrilled about Pakistan. Missionaries Kody and Meaghan Barbier are helping us put Bibles into Kenya, and we’re working with our friends Dave Roever and Patrick Klein to get the New Testament part of The Expositor’s Study Bible translated into Vietnamese and Hmong languages and then ship them into country. We’ve sent our Read-n-Grow Picture Bibles to children living on Native Americans reservations, and The Expositor’s New Testaments to those who are incarcerated. As well, our aim is to get our New Testaments into the hands of every first responder and active-duty U.S. soldier, sailor, Marine, airman, and Coast Guardsman who requests one.

In fact, it’s our goal to put The Expositor’s Study Bible into the hands of every individual in the world. I realize that’s quite a task, but that’s what we’re setting out to do. And again, I must thank you for helping to make all of this possible, for without you, we could not do what we are doing.


The testimonies we are getting are just phenomenal, to say the least. They write and tell us how that The Expositor’s Study Bible is helping them to understand the Word of God as never before. And to be sure, the single most important thing in the world is the Word of God. A long time ago, somebody said, “As long as the gospel of Jesus Christ is America’s greatest export, the jackbooted heel of foreign invaders will never walk on American soil.” What a statement, but I believe it to be true.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to place one of these Bibles into the hands of a friend or a loved one. It will certainly be read—we’ve heard from so many people that this is a Bible they want to read simply because they can understand what’s being said.


Whenever I set out to write the notes of The Expositor’s Study Bible at the behest of the Holy Spirit, I was undecided as to where to put them. Should the notes go at the end of each chapter? At the end of a verse? But the Lord told me to place the notes in the body of the text, where they would be easy to read and understand. One brother wrote me and said, “Brother Swaggart, I enjoy looking up the notes in study Bibles, but in most study Bibles, I can’t find the notes. But your notes are imbedded in the Scripture, making them easy to find and easy to understand. That’s the secret of The Expositor’s Study Bible, the notes are easy to find, and that’s because the Holy Spirit told me where to put them.

Thank you for letting us know that The Expositor’s Study Bible is the easiest Bible in the world to understand, and also for making it the most proliferated. In other words, I think I can say without fear of contradiction, that this is the best-selling Bible in the world.

And thank you, again, for helping to make the distribution of these Bibles possible and for blessing people all over the world by helping us put an Expositor’s Study Bible into their hands.

Let me say again what I said some paragraphs back: If you have a loved one who does not yet have The Expositor’s Study Bible, then, as you are able to do so, put one into his or her hands—they will thank you forever.


I also want to invite you to join us in prayer—on Saturday mornings, if you can, at 10 a.m. (CST)—and let’s believe God together for souls to be saved, because that is the most important thing. We love you, and may the Lord bless you and abundantly so.