From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
August 2018

Please Notice

We are discontinuing the Thanksgiving Campmeeting. We are the only ministry in the world, of which I am aware, that has three campmeetings a year, and all—of which I am acquainted—only have one a year. The reason we are doing this is simply because of the 24-hour a day television programming. We just simply have difficulty getting everything in.

I appreciate the camps more than words can say, but we finally reached the place to where we cannot do everything that needs to be done and do it correctly.

I would pray that those of you who have been coming to the Thanksgiving camp will instead come to our Resurrection Campmeeting or even to the International Youth Conference (IYC) that’s conducted in July (this year the dates are July 25-29). I’ll promise you one thing, whether it’s the Resurrection Campmeeting or the International Youth Conference, you will not be disappointed. Actually, if you could come to both of them, they would be well worth your while. Many people think because IYC is a youth conference it would not be of interest to anyone else. That may be true in many places, but it’s not true here. Actually, the same preachers, the same musicians, and the same singers that function in the other camps are the same ones presented in the International Youth Conference. So, you will be blessed.

Frances’s Birthday
No, I’m not telling you how old she is—that is if I want to keep both legs. I will say this: Ever how old she is, she looks about 25 years younger. But of course that’s because I take such good care of her.

On a very serious note, I personally feel that Frances is at least one of, if not the most influential lady in the world as it regards the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her program over the network—Frances & Friends—has the largest audience of any of our programs. Her worth to the kingdom of God is beyond my capacity to properly evaluate. Only the Holy Spirit could do that. And to be sure, I give the Lord all the praise and all the glory for her and for the work she carries out for the cause of Christ.

Two New Books
I’m speaking of the following books:
  • The Sin Nature
  • The Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation.
Every believer needs both of these books. They are brand-new and will help you to understand the Word of God to an even greater degree.

The sin nature is something that is so important, yet most believers have absolutely no knowledge of what it is. As well, anything and everything we can learn about the Holy Spirit, that we need to learn. And to be sure, these books, each one over 300 pages, will help you to do just that.

Each book sells for $30, however, to those in our audience who want to better their knowledge of the Word of God, we will give any one book for half price—just $15. If you get both of them, the price is just $25, plus shipping and handling. Take advantage of this offer, and you will be glad you did, that I promise.

Thank You For Helping To Make It All Possible
When I say thank you, it seems so woefully inadequate, but I know that what you do is for the Lord and not man. And I would ask you to help us this month with the shortfall plus another situation, and let me explain.

I had to write a check just a few days ago for $375,000. That’s the first payment on the playout system that we have been looking at for the last two years, and now have finally made the decision that this is what we need. As we have said before, and I say again, there is a vast difference in a television station reaching its local area, than attempting to the reach the entirety of the world. But that’s what we do because the Lord has called us for world evangelism. But I can’t do it without your help!

I’m asking you to make it a matter of prayer as to what you can do this month. Whatever it is, we would be overly thankful, that I promise.

Instrumental Live
It’s brand-new, and it is good. I am speaking of the music that we play just before service begins each and every Sunday morning. We’ve had so many people to call us, or to send emails, asking if we can put some of this on a CD. Well, we’ve done it, and once again I’ll say, it is good.

If you want something that is good music, glorifies the Lord, and includes the old songs that most all of you know, then you will enjoy this. It sells for $18, but to you, it’s just $15 plus shipping and handling.

When you get it, put it on your player, and you are going to write me back and say, “Brother Swaggart, you did not exaggerate. It’s everything you said it was and more.” We love every one of you, and thank you so very, very much.