From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
August 2021

With the help of Dave Roever, we are translating the New Testament part of The Expositor’s Study Bible into Vietnamese and Hmong. It should be completed by the first part of next year. I think this is a phenomenal opportunity. When Dave told me about it, the desire to do this, and with The Expositor’s Study Bible designed for that very purpose, we immediately set out to get it done. There is a move of God taking place now in Vietnam. More people are getting saved and that goes for the Hmong people as well.

A Little Different
We are going to do something with this that we have not done previously. Instead of giving out the New Testament translated into Vietnamese just to preachers, we are also going to include any and every Christian in Vietnam who would like to have one of these New Testaments. And, incidentally, they asked us to do this because of the great need among the Christians to understand the Word of God. Dave told me that they have very little material to help them understand the Bible, so this means that The Expositor’s Study Bible fits this bill one hundred percent. Actually, when Dave saw it, he said immediately, “This is exactly what we need.”
Isn’t it wonderful to have the privilege of being a part of this, when you consider the past history?

The Printing
I don’t know exactly how many Bibles we will print to begin with, but I suspect it will be in the neighborhood of fifty thousand. And the moment the printing is finished, which of course awaits the translation, I believe these Bibles are going to make the difference in many hearts and lives and will spur the move of God to a greater degree among these people.

I would encourage you, please, to pray for us in this endeavor, that God will use it in a mighty way, and I believe He most definitely will. What an opportunity! What a privilege! And I think you feel the same way.

Incidentally, the Hmong people are another ethnic group altogether, really not associated with the Vietnamese. And there is a move of God taking place there as well.

The Holy Spirit has a time for everything. And I feel that this is Vietnam’s time. And I can say the same thing for the Hmong people also. We must not let this slip through our fingers, meaning that we must get it done. Incidentally, with your help and your support, we have given some three million Expositor’s Study Bibles all over the world. You have made that possible, and how we thank you for it. What a privilege to have the opportunity of being a part of one of the greatest missions works of, I think, all time. I realize that’s quite a statement, but I believe it to be true.

The Expositor’s Study Bible
When the Lord told me to finish the work on this Bible, I never dreamed that He would use it as He has. It never entered my mind that such a thing would take place. But it has. And I will never forget that day.

I was sitting behind my desk when one of our men from the church walked up and said, “Brother Swaggart, I want to pay for twenty Bibles. I believe that was the number. He had just sold a house and had a little extra money, and he was going down into Mexico, and we have Bibles of course in the Spanish language to give to the pastors there.

As he took the Bibles and walked away, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said, “I want you to place The Expositor’s Study Bible into the hands of every preacher and worker in the world.” I realize that’s quite a task, but that’s what the Lord told me to do, and that’s exactly what we are doing, and, I might quickly say, we must add Vietnam to the list.

Pray for us, as I have already stated; this is a tremendous work for God, and for all of us to have the privilege and opportunity to be a part of it, is special indeed. Thank you.