From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
December 2019

Merry Christmas
I mean that with all of my heart. If you know the Lord Jesus Christ in the realm of salvation, well then it will be a good Christmas for you irrespective as to what else might be.

I would like to think that SonLife Broadcasting has been a complement to your home, your heart, and your life this past year. If so, that’s what it is all about. We wish to lift up Jesus, to point Jesus to you, and to proclaim Jesus, in every capacity. As I told you last month, wherever the signal for this television programming goes—all over the world—the Lord has told me that His Spirit will go with it. It doesn’t matter what language is spoken or where the people may live, the Spirit of God will accompany the programming and be a tremendous blessing to those that are blessed to hear it.

A Promise
This we promise you: to preach the gospel without fear and without favor. The preaching of the cross is the message of the hour. This is not just something that constitutes itself as a fad of the last few months, it is the gospel—actually the meaning of the new covenant—and there is nothing, at least for the believer, that is more important than that

I pray that you would take advantage of the offers in this magazine, as many of you have already done, and use them for Christmas gifts. To be frank, there could be nothing better than that. These items—whether music, the Bibles, or the books, etc. —are first-rate in quality, we believe, and I think you will feel the same way. Plus, the content is absolutely phenomenal; it will help you, or whoever would get these books and the music, etc., to live a better life. So, I’m going to ask you to look carefully through page after page and select what you would desire, and do it now so that we can make certain that the gifts get to you in plenty of time for Christmas.

Africa We just went on television in some forty African countries. Now think about that! At this particular moment, whether by satellite or by cable, we cover almost the entirety of that continent. So pray for us that God will use the programming in a mighty way to bless the people in a mighty way.

I Want To Thank You
I know I’ve said it before, even many times, but to be frank, I cannot say it enough. I thank you so very, very much for your participation in this ministry. You can feel assured that what you are supporting is the pure, unadulterated, uncompromised Word of almighty God. But yet, and as we also continue to say, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for being who you are and what you are, and I speak of your faithfulness.