From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
Febuary 2023

As most of you know, on Saturday mornings at Family Worship Center, we have a worldwide prayer meeting that incorporates the entirety of the world. How thrilled I am at the people who tell me, “Brother Swaggart, we are praying with you every Saturday morning.” That means a lot—far more than any of us know or realize.

For those who may not know, we encourage all those who watch the television programming to join with us every Saturday morning for an hour of prayer, or whatever amount of time that you would like to pray. Unfortunately, prayer is seldom done nowadays, and that’s a tragedy, because God still answers prayer. I know that there are many things you and I have to pray about. I know I do, and I’m persuaded that you do as well. And this I can guarantee—God can change things.

As you go to prayer every Saturday morning, I’m sure there are many things in your life and living that need to be changed. That’s the business the Lord is in—changing things for the better. Then we have the matter of believing God for a moving of the Holy Spirit around the world, which will usher scores into the kingdom of God—that's the thing that is so important. And, as we pray for others, God blesses us personally.

There’s something about a worldwide prayer meeting that must scare Satan. This I do know, God still answers prayer.

Most of you have heard me say it many times, my grandmother, a great woman of faith, taught me to pray. Her favorite statement was, “Jimmy, God is a big God, so ask big.” From that day as a child until now, I have specialized in asking God big.

Prayer is hard work, consequently, not many engage themselves in this most worthy practice.

The beautiful thing about it is that God still answers prayer. The tragedy is that most Christians simply don’t pray, so they miss out on so much of what God can do.

Let me give you an example. Some seventy or more years ago, I was trying to get started in evangelistic work, but I didn’t have any meetings to where I could go and preach. I was an evangelist; I knew that God had called me for that particular office, of that I had no doubt. (The future would proclaim exactly what I’ve said; the Lord helped us to see a harvest of souls that has never been seen before, for which we give Him all the praise and all the glory.)

At any rate, on this particular morning, Frances had taken Donnie, who was only about three years old, and they had gone somewhere. I used the time alone for prayer. I was discouraged, to say the least, and a little bit forlorn. I didn’t have any meetings, and I didn’t see any on the horizon. I tried to pray but was seemingly unable to reach the Lord. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit brought a little chorus to my mind that we had learned a few days earlier:

My Lord is able, He is able, I know that He is able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
My Lord is able, He is able, I know that He is able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
For He has healed the broken-hearted, made the blind to see,
healed the sick, raised the dead, and walked upon the sea.
My Lord is able, He is able, I know that He is able, I know my
Lord is able to carry me through.

The truth in these verses didn’t stop that day; it went ahead many years to where we are now—I’m seeking the Lord about world evangelism. Yes, I said world evangelism. And I’m speaking of the entirety of the world.

As the Spirit of God moved upon me, the Lord said, “Remember what I told you back those many, many years ago? I told you I was able. Back then you were asking for a meeting in the smallest church, wherever it might have been. Now you are asking Me for the whole world. And My answer to you now is the same as it was then: I am able.”

I will not forget that moment—the Spirit of God filled my heart because I knew the Lord had spoken to me. And He is going to do exactly what He said He would do, and that is to touch this world for Christ.

I want you to pray with us that God would give us souls, and I mean a harvest such as the world has never known before.

Thank you again, and I will be looking forward to you joining us, as you can, every Saturday morning, in prayer, as we believe God together for miracles—and especially for souls.