From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
January 2018

Happy New Year

I believe that as far as the moving and the operation of the Holy Spirit are concerned, this coming year is going to be the greatest ever. I am believing the Lord for a harvest of souls, for tens of thousands to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, and for bondages broken by the power of God. I believe we’re going to see it, and not only do we thank the Lord, but you, as well.


As I say all the time, and I will continue to say it: what the Lord has called us to do we simply could not do it without you. How thankful I am for those of you who stand with us both prayerfully and financially. How much you are needed, and how important is your participation!

Television Programming

I personally believe that the Lord is helping us to turn out some of the best programming that we’ve ever offered to the public. Of course we thank the Lord for this in every capacity. One thing is certain: if you watch the SonLife Broadcasting Network for any time at all or listen over SonLife Radio, then you are going to learn the Word of God—of that I am absolutely positive—and there is nothing greater than that.

Also, the Lord has given us some of the finest singers and musicians in the world, and I think you will agree. The type of music that goes out over the airwaves all over the world is what we believe is designed by the Lord. It makes you want to worship the Lord, and that’s what it’s all about.

The Rallies

As most of you know, Donnie and Gabe are conducting one-night rallies all over the nation. They have the musicians and singers with them, and, above all, the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit. So, if one of these rallies is conducted anywhere close to you, whatever you do, make your plans to be there. I’ll guarantee you—you will be blessed beyond measure. It’s some of the finest music in the world, and some of the greatest preaching in the world, and some of the most powerful movings of the Holy Spirit in the world. So make your plans to be with them when they come near you.


I would urge you, please, to get a copy of every book that we put out as we believe they will greatly help you to understand the Word of God a little better. Whatever the book and whatever the title, in the body of it there will always be teaching on the Cross that every believer needs to help him understand the new covenant, and that is the most important thing of all.

To make it possible for more people to get copies, we’ve cut the price on the books, so I would urge you, please, as each book comes out, get a copy for yourself, and possibly one or two for others. All are hardback, easy to read, and you will learn the Word of God. The material that we are giving in these books is that which every believer desperately needs to know and understand. I personally do not know of anything that’s more important than our understanding of the Word of God. To be sure, these books will help you to understand it. So, whatever you do, make certain, if it’s at all possible, that you get a copy of each one of these books and then take the time to read them. You’ll be glad you did.

Once again, a happy new year to you and yours, and the greatest blessings of the Lord ever.