From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
July 2017

Thank The Lord!

There is a greater moving of the Holy Spirit over the entirety of the ministry, I believe, than ever before. I speak of the television programming; I speak of Family Worship Center; and I speak of the campmeetings. In other words, everything. And to be sure, there is nothing greater than the moving and the operation of the Holy Spirit. This always translates into victory in the hearts and lives of those who are privileged to be a part of this of which I say. It falls out to souls being saved, lives being changed, believers being baptized with the Holy Spirit, the sick being healed, and people being delivered from the bondages of darkness. That’s the Spirit of God; that’s His working, and how so very appreciative we are for what the Lord is doing.


First, let me say to you how thankful we are for your help in what is being done for the cause of Christ. I’m speaking of that which is done both prayerfully and financially. How I thank God for those of you who pray for us on a daily basis, which is the single most important thing in the world. Thank you for that.

And then, without your financial help, there is no way we could even think of doing what we are presently seeing all over the world. And this is the thing that is so wonderful about this; by the help and grace of God, we are touching the entirety of the world. I realize that’s quite a statement, but it happens to be true. And yet, I need your help more than ever before, as stated, both prayerfully and financially.

Please Note Carefully

In an appeal letter to you a couple of months ago, I mentioned the following; please allow me to mention it again: our audience falls into three categories. We’ve learned this from being on radio and television for many, many years. And I would hope that you would look at yourself as to what category you are in.
  • The first category is the segment of people that is so very faithful to the work of God. In other words, you are faithful with your support each and every month, and to be frank, that is the backbone, the muscle, the sinew of this ministry. How we thank God for your faithfulness. In fact, that is what the Lord said, “Well done thou good and faithful servant…”
  • Then there is the second category of people who support once in a while. In other words, they will give maybe once every three or four months. Now don’t misunderstand, we are so pleased and happy to get your help irrespective as to when you give it. But we would like to try to bring you, if possible, into the monthly camp. And for all the obvious reasons.
  • Then there is the third group, which is the largest of all. You are a faithful viewer of the network. And we are so glad to have you. But you’ve never written, not one time. You’ve never called, not one time. Now let me say it again: we are so happy to have you no matter if you never call or if you never write. But I think if you will think about it a moment, you will realize that that is not the right way that business should be conducted.
It’s not proper to eat a good meal in a restaurant and then walk out and not pay for it. It costs us a lot of money to come into your homes, your hearts, and your lives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now don’t misunderstand, we’re glad to be there. If you never write, as stated, we are so happy to have you.

But I’m asking you to break a bad habit, and to ask the Lord’s help for you that you come over into the first group that is faithful each and every month, as the Lord helps you to do so.

The Task

Yes, what the Lord has called us to do is a monumental undertaking. It involves the entirety of the world. Somebody said the other day, “Why do you bother going on television in foreign countries?” We do so because that is what God has called us to do.

When Jesus died on Calvary, He died for the entirety of the world. It is that important. Consequently, everyone must have an opportunity to receive the Lord, whether they do or not. It is imperative that they have the opportunity. That’s why we’re on television all over Africa, the Middle East, in fact the entirety of the world. And I thank God for the emails that we are getting, literally from all over the world, even countries that are ruled by Islam, which you would not think would respond. In fact, some are responding at the risk of their lives. This is a great work, and I speak of the work of God. We must attend to it with all the ability that we have. One day all of us will stand before the Lord. We will have to give account for this responsibility the Lord has given us. My prayer is, “O God, help me to do exactly what You want done, that Your name may be glorified.”

Thank you again for hearing us out, and thank you for allowing the Lord to lead you in all things. And once again, if it’s at all possible, and I know it is, I want every one of you into the first column that we have listed here.