From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
July 2018

Please Read

A few days ago, the head of our computer department and the head of our television department called Frances, me, Donnie, and Gabriel, plus a few others into our boardroom and presented to us what they have been investigating for some two years now. It is the “playout system”, which we must have for television.

As I have stated in the past, what we do is entirely different from what a local television station does. We are literally sending signals all over the world, and it takes very sophisticated equipment to get this done and done right.

Some may ask as to what we have been using up until now. To be frank, we have been running the system on duct tape and bubble gum. Of course I am joking, but I’m not far wrong.

This is something that we have to have, but here is the clincher: It costs $750,000, and it’s not something that we can pay out over several months of time. It has to be paid out immediately. I am asking for your help. I would also ask that you pray about the situation as to what the Lord would want you to do, and whatever that would be, we would so very much appreciate it.

You must understand, and I know that many of you do—your calling is the same as mine. When the Lord brought you into this ministry, most of you had little idea as to what it meant, and I speak of touching the entirety of the world. Many of you know much more now than you did some time ago. And I believe that many of you, hopefully all of you, understand what this ministry actually means to the world. What we are doing is what God has called us to do, and I’ll say it again: He has called you for the same task.

Yes, I implore you not only for your financial help, but as well that you would pray for us daily. We need that, and we would appreciate it so very, very much.

Foreign Countries

As many of you know, the programming goes into most of the world. What thrills me are the emails and testimonials that we’re getting from these people all over the world. For the first time, they are beginning to pay their way. It’s always been that America would foot the bill, but nowadays that is changing, and how we thank the Lord for that.

We are starting to air in certain countries in Europe, and then another cable system in the same area will hear about our programming and will ask if they can air it, which of course they can. I thank God for this. It means the Lord is working and moving.


We put out a new book approximately every two months. To be sure, these books are easy to read and that which every believer needs to read. It is that which will teach us how to live, how to walk with the Lord, how that we are to conduct ourselves. In other words, how to have victory over the world, the flesh and the Devil.

So what am I saying?

I am saying that every book we put out, especially considering that we lower the price down to the proverbial bone, that you make sure you get a copy, and that you read it. I think these books will open your eyes, because what we are doing with them is literally teaching believers the meaning of the new covenant. Even though these books deal with many things, this is basically the real purpose of our efforts. So, whatever you do, take advantage of these books. They will teach you about the Word of God in a greater way, I believe, than ever before.

The Message Of The Cross

The Message of the Cross is actually the meaning of the new covenant. In other words, if we don’t understand the Cross of Christ, then we really don’t have an understanding of the new covenant. Regrettably, that’s the position in which most modern Christians find themselves. They know so very little about that which is so very important—that for which Jesus died.

I want our viewers and listeners to understand—every single thing that we receive from God, and I mean everything, all and without exception is made possible by the Cross of Christ. In other words, what Jesus there did. If you can understand that, and if you believe that, it will answer most of your questions. I realize that some will blanch at my statement concerning everything, but it happens to be the truth. One cannot receive anything from God, other than by the Cross. That is what made it all possible, and which continues to make it possible, and so much so that Paul referred to it as the “everlasting covenant” (Heb. 13:20).

That’s the reason we urge you to get our books, because they will help you to understand the greatest message ever known to man, the Message of the Cross.

We thank you so very, very much for your support. It means so much to us, and especially to the work of God