From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
July 2020

That Which The Lord Told Me To Do

I speak of The Expositor’s Study Bible.

It must have been at least twenty to thirty years ago that the Lord started dealing with me about putting together a study Bible. I immediately dismissed it from my mind because I felt I was grossly incapable of doing such, and of that, I was exactly correct. The Holy Spirit, however, would not let up until He finally said to me:
  • “It is My will that you do this.”
  • “I will show you how to do it.”
  • “I will help you to do it.”
And that, the Lord beautifully and wondrously did.

I personally believe that The Expositor’s Study Bible is the most helpful study Bible in the world today. It’s the Bible that helps one to understand the Bible. There is nothing more valuable than that.

After the Lord dealt with me about this, and I began work on this volume, time and time again I would sense the presence of the Lord and would tell Frances, “The Lord is going to use this.” However, I never dreamed that He would use it to the extent that He has, and I speak of it being sent all over the world.

With your help, we have given away more than two million copies of The Expositor’s Study Bible to Third World pastors and workers all over the world. As I’ve already stated, I’ll say it again: We could not have done this, and we could not continue to do this, without your help. By the grace of God, and because it’s what the Lord has told me to do, I plan to place this Bible into the hands of every Third World pastor and worker. We have some very dedicated people working to get this task complete. At any rate, thank you so very, very much for being a part of what I believe is the greatest missions work in the world.

Of course, I’m prejudiced, but at the same time, I believe I am right. I believe this Bible is providing help to preachers all over the world like nothing that’s ever been placed into their hands. I’ll never forget the day that the Lord spoke to my heart and said to me: “I want you to put this Bible into the hands of Third World pastors all over the world.” Whenever I was developing this Bible, I never dreamed that the Lord would do with it what He has done, is doing, and shall do. Let me make this statement: There is nothing in the world more valuable or more important than the Word of God. One theologian wrote me the other day and said, “Brother Swaggart, The Expositor’s Study Bible is without a doubt the finest study Bible in the world today. The doctrine is correct, and the explanation is correct; that’s what makes it so valuable.”

I so appreciate his kind words, and I believe what he’s saying is the truth.

Again, thank you so very, very much for your participation in what I believe to be the greatest mission’s work in the world today. I know that’s quite a statement, but I believe it to be true.

In the Master’s service, yours, Jimmy Swaggart