From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
June 2021

What is the Holy Spirit now doing?
I believe the Holy Spirit is now gearing up for the greatest moving of the Spirit, the greatest demonstration of the power of God, and the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen, witnessed, or experienced. I believe it is going to be worldwide, and I think it will sweep hundreds of thousands if not millions into the kingdom of God. We are close to the rapture, and I do not believe the Lord is coming back for a weak, emaciated church. Rather, He is coming back for a church that has just seen and witnessed the moving of the Spirit of God as never before.

The great harvest in Egypt came about by the Lord giving a dream to Pharaoh, but having Joseph interpret it. The seven cattle that came up out the Nile River and the seven stalks of grain symbolize the seven years of harvest that is going to come upon this country and will affect the entirety of the world. During those seven years, the harvest was so great and so large that Joseph—who had been placed in charge by Pharaoh and was a type of Christ—had to build granaries all over Egypt. The harvest was so great that they could not count it. I believe the Lord has told me that this represents hundreds of thousands if not millions of souls that are going to give their hearts and lives to Christ.

We know that the seven years that followed typified the coming great tribulation, which will affect this entire earth, and in a most debilitating way

Is The Church Ready?
Ready for what some may ask? Ready for this moving of the Holy Spirit, that will sweep a phenomenal number into the kingdom of God. I believe the Lord has given me that word, and I believe that this ministry, and I speak of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, is going to play a great part in this move of God.

You must understand that you have been placed in the position you now occupy by the Spirit of God. And you should consider yourself as a missionary. When you help us, you are helping to bring in this harvest, and nothing could be greater than that.

Ladies And Gentlemen, It Is Late
It most definitely is late, much later than we think. Which means the rapture of the church is very near, which will be followed by the great tribulation, which will affect the entirety of the world but especially the Middle East.

Let me encourage you to make the most of what God has placed in your hands. When He placed you with this ministry, it was not done capriciously, but rather by the wisdom of God. So that means that you are very special in many ways. Don’t throw it away; don’t let it fall by the wayside. Draw as close to God as you can because it’s the single most important thing in the world, and I continue to speak of that for which all of us have been called.

I’m asking for you to pray for us daily, that we may do exactly what the Holy Spirit wants at all times; that we may be what He desires.

Again, I thank you for being a part of one of the greatest moves of God the world has ever known.

You must be special, or God would not have called you for this particular time and occasion. He has more in mind than just a ceremony. As stated, it will be the greatest harvest the world has ever known, and you and I are an integral part of it.

In the Master’s service, yours, Jimmy Swaggart