From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
May 2017


We need to pray daily for the president and all those around him, especially considering that there are many out there who would seek to do him harm.

I personally believe that the election of President Trump was of the Lord. This doesn’t mean that the individual is holy, etc., but it does mean that the Lord moved in answer to prayer as it regards his election. I believe that strongly. I also think that many of you feel the same way. So, inasmuch as the church—the true body of Christ—prayed this man into office, as stated, we need to pray for his protection. If one is to notice the opposition, it becomes very obvious that it is of Satan. Jesus said of Satan, “The thief comes but for to steal, kill, and destroy.” So when we observe the anarchy that we are seeing in certain cities, you’re seeing the direct work of Satan.


Second, I would ask you to pray daily for us as well. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ—and I’ll go so far as to say the Message of the Cross—is the single most important message on the face of the earth. As I dictate these notes, we are at nearly 90 million homes in America, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are 115 million homes in America, we are told, which have a television set; that means that we have about 25 million remaining. And then, we must cover the entirety of the world. That native in Africa has the same right to hear the gospel as any person in America. That goes for anywhere in the world. When Jesus died on the Cross, He died for the entirety of mankind and for all time. So, I wish to thank you so very, very much for both your prayerful support and your financial support, without which we simply could not do what we’re doing.

The Holy Spirit demands that every single person have the opportunity to hear the gospel. What they do with that gospel is up to them, but the Holy Spirit wants them to have the opportunity to accept or reject. This is imperative. That means that every Christian in this world has the responsibility of helping to get this done, and I mean every Christian.


That is the title of our newest book. I would pray that you would avail yourself of the opportunity of getting a copy. I think it will answer some questions, and anything that helps one understand the Word of God to a greater degree is very valuable. As I mentioned previously, I would urge you to get a copy of every book that we put out. I believe that whatever subject matter is entertained, it will help you to understand the Word of God to a greater degree, and nothing is more important than that.


We have three a year. Actually the one in July is a youth conference, but we have about as many grayheads there as we do young people, and no wonder. The Spirit of God flows like rain, and really the July camp is no different than the other camps, except I think there is more energy involved. When you put about 2,000 young people or more, who love God, who are filled with the Spirit, they can electrify a service. So I would urge you to be in every one of the camps, including the July camp. You won’t be disappointed.


So many of you have voiced your appreciation of our newest album, The Psalms. It’s different! And I believe the following to be true: music that is anointed by the Holy Spirit will drive away fear, anxiety, and, above all, the powers of darkness. The Scripture says:
    “And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God (permitted by God) was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: So Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him” (I Sam. 16:23).
When we read this verse, we are actually reading the very first mention of God’s use of music for worship, for refreshing, and for healing. As it functioned in that manner then, it will function in the same manner now—that is, if the anointing of the Holy Spirit is on the music.

I believe that our album, The Psalms, will do exactly that. The backup singers are rendering some of the great hymns, and I am reciting over their songs some of the psalms. So you have a combination of music that’s touched by the Lord, plus the Word of God. If you don’t have a copy, get a copy.


The other day Caroline and Abby got into a little tussle. Caroline is 3 years old, and, at that particular time, Abby was 6 years old.

The argument got pretty heated, and finally Abby stood up and said to Caroline, “What you need is the fruit of the Spirit.” Now how much Caroline knows about the fruit of the Spirit I don’t really know. Actually, how much a 6-year-old (Abby) knows about the same thing is anyone’s guess.

Some time back, when Sam was about 5 years old (she is 10 now), she was crawling up on the cabinet getting some cookies. Her mother told her in no uncertain terms she couldn’t do that. “You will fall and hurt yourself,” Jill said. Sam spoke up very quickly and said, “Yes I can. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She had learned that Scripture in school.


We have people move to Baton Rouge from other places (and we’re so glad to have them) in order to be a part of Family Worship Center, and that they might enroll their child (or children) into Family Christian Academy (FCA). FCA goes all the way from infants through Grade 12. We think it’s one of the finest Christian academies in the country.

Other than the home and the church, the school is the single most important thing in the life of your child. It is imperative that they sit under proper teaching and instruction. I can assure you that Family Christian Academy will do exactly that—supreme in education and supreme in spiritual guidance. For more information, please visit the academy’s website at


As I have just mentioned, the Sonlife Broadcasting Network can now be seen by over 2 billion people in the world. How we thank the Lord for that. Yet, we could not do it without you. I pray God’s richest blessings upon each and every one of you who stand with us. As stated, we could not do it without you. I am especially grateful for those of you who are faithful with your giving. It means so much to the work of God. And I would also ask those of you who give, but you do not give as often as you should, that you would remedy that situation.

Our work is strictly a faith work. In other words, we depend on the Lord speaking to your heart, and you doing what you know you need to do. That being done, the work will be accomplished. As I stated above, every single believer in the world today is responsible for reaching every other person in this world with the gospel. Whatever they do with that is their business, but the Holy Spirit insists that they have the opportunity to hear. That’s why we’re going on television in every country of the world that will take the programming. We feel that it is imperative that we do so. Thank you again for your prayerful support.