From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
May 2018

I’m Going To Urge You…
Every book that we put out carries material that, as far as we know, cannot be obtained anywhere else, and of course I’m speaking of material from the Word of God.

I strongly urge each and every one of you who reads this to make sure that you get a copy of every book that we put out. You need to know the information therein. You need to understand what the Bible says about the greatest subjects in the world, and I’m speaking of justification, sanctification, etc. For instance, how many believers fully know and understand the Message of the Cross? Not very many!

Even some of you who tune in every day to The Message of the Cross over television still do not fully understand what you ought to know and understand. These books will help you in that capacity. So I encourage you, greatly, to get a copy of each book that we put out, especially considering that we do everything we can to enable you to get such by cutting the price to the proverbial bone.

Every believer needs a Christian library in his or her home. And, as it comes to our commentaries, if you can only afford one a month, you need to get it and put it in that library because you’ll need it very shortly as it regards information from the Word of God. Of course that goes for all of our books and commentaries. There is nothing in the world more important than the Word of God, simply because it is the Word of God. You need to do all within your power to understand everything about it that you can, especially considering that we are doing all we can to make these things available to you.

Every Sunday we have visitors from all over the nation, and some from other parts of the world in Family Worship Center to worship with us. How so very, very pleased we are to have these wonderful people with us. We believe that if you who hold this magazine in your hand, it will bless you immeasurably so if you can be with us one or two Sundays a year. That I believe. So, when you take your vacation this year, that is, if you take one, then try to stop by Family Worship Center, if it’s at all possible.

Thank You…
I am speaking of the testimonials that we are receiving as it regards our Scripture albums. We have four of them now, with our newest one titled Praise, and I think it’s the best one yet.

I would urge you, whatever you do, to get these CDs. They will bless your home, your place of business, or anywhere that you would play them. This I promise—evil spirits cannot remain where the Spirit of God is prevalent. And this one thing I guarantee—the Spirit of the Lord is in these recordings. In fact, this is the very reason that we have made them, with all of the readings coming from the Psalms and thereby the Word of God. That’s what makes them what they are. So whatever you do, get a copy of our newest one—Praise—and if possible, if you don’t have them all, get every one of them.

The Expositor’s Study Bible
I want to thank all of you who help purchase The Expositor’s Study Bible during the Bible-thons to make them available to Third World pastors all over the world. I don’t think there could be anything greater than that.

Incidentally, we have just brought Dan Burritt on board to be in charge of distribution. Jim Woolsey has been trying to do that, plus a hundred other duties, and it finally got to be too much for one person. Dan really has been doing this for the last year, but now he is in charge of the entire operation as far as distribution is concerned. We are obeying the Lord when we place these Bibles into the hands of Third World pastors. About five years ago, the Lord spoke to my heart and stated, “Put an Expositor’s Study Bible into the hands of every Third World pastor.” That’s what we have attempted to do from then until now. To be sure, we have requests for far more than we can fulfill, but by the grace of God, we’re getting these to the people as fast as you pay for them, and as fast as it’s possible to get them distributed.

As many of you have heard me say, this is not a simple thing. There is no postal service in many of the countries where we hand out Bibles, and many times they have to be taken into certain parts of the country on mule back—yes, I said the backs of mules—as well as by boat, etc. I want to thank the hundreds and even thousands of men and women all over the world who work, free of charge, to help get these Bibles distributed. We appreciate this more than ever.

Pray for Dan and his efforts in distribution. He’ll have to travel all over the world, and in many cases that’s not an easy situation, but he has a way of getting things done. So we welcome him on board, and I would ask you to pray for both him and Jim Woolsey daily.

The Little Children
There is one more thing I want to encourage you to do, and I’m talking about the coloring books that we are putting out now. We have four that are ready to go, and if your little boy or little girl likes to color— and every one of them of which I am acquainted does—you will want to get them these coloring books. They are only $5 each plus shipping and handling, and they will help children learn the Word of God, as well as keep them occupied. Don’t misunderstand, the response to these has been absolutely phenomenal, but I also know that a lot of you have not gotten any. Perhaps you no longer have children at home. If that is the case, and it very well is for many of you, still, you know little ones who could be greatly blessed by these coloring books. So get several for them, they will be a blessing.

I would also encourage each and every one of you to pray for us daily, that we may have the mind of the Lord in all things, and we may carry it out, whatever it may be, exactly as the Holy Spirit wants and desires. I value your prayers. I solicit your prayers. And I strongly need your prayers.

I would urge each and every one of you to set aside a little time, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, and do this every day: take your needs to the Lord, and above all, thank Him for the many things that He constantly does for us.

I set aside two times each and every day for prayer—with the exception of Saturday when we have only the morning prayer meeting. To be frank, I could not do without this. My grandmother taught me to pray when I was but a child. She told me that God could do all things, and I believed her. And guess what? She was right. She told me that which you’ve heard me say any number of times, and I’ll repeat it again: “Jimmy, God is a big God, so ask big.” That one short sentence has helped me to touch this world for Christ. So I would urge you to join in with us and pray for this ministry each and every day.