From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
October 2019

Some of you may wonder why we attempt to go on television in countries of the world other than the USA. There is a reason for that, and I would think a very excellent reason.

The Lord spoke to my heart several months ago and told me, “Wherever the television signal goes in the world, My Spirit will go with it.” He then said, “I will save, I will fill, I will heal, I will deliver, and I will bless.” To make it a little more understandable, He said, “I will save souls, I will fill believers with the Holy Spirit, I will heal the sick, I will deliver those who are in bondage, and I will bless all who are under the sound of that signal.”

The Lord told me this, and that’s the reason we go on television wherever the Lord opens the door.

The Worth Of The Gospel
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the single most important thing on the face of the earth, and a thousand times over. Now I want you to read again very carefully what I’ve just said. I want you to understand it; I want you to see it exactly as I see it and exactly as it is. Let’s say it again: There is nothing in the world that can remotely compare with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the single most important thing on the face of the earth. That’s the reason it must go to every nation, every city, and, in fact, every soul. It is imperative that all would hear, simply because of its great worth.

Every time the Lord saves the soul, that is a miracle. Most of you have been with us on one of our telecasts whenever the Spirit of God will move, and I pray the sinner’s prayer for the unredeemed to come to Christ. To be sure, we are seeing many saved; however, that is nothing by comparison to what we are going to see.
I believe the Lord has told me that we are going to see literally thousands brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thousands of believers baptized with the Holy Spirit, plus bondages of darkness of every description broken by the power of God.

The Bondage Of Sin
Sin has a power to it that cannot be broken by education, money, or whatever. It can only be broken by the power of God. That means the Holy Spirit alone can break through the shell that wraps itself around unredeemed humanity, to keep them from hearing and knowing the gospel. But the Holy Spirit can break that bondage and set that captive free. He has done it with untold millions of others, and He’s still doing it today, and we are about to see the greatest move of God the world has ever known.

I Believe That!
When I say we are about to see the greatest move of God ever, that’s not mere rhetoric, it’s not just verbiage, it is what I believe the Lord has spoken to my heart. The Lord is going to bring it to pass. That’s the reason that He has told us to go on television in every country of the world that opens its door to us. That is exactly what we are doing. Yes, it costs money, but once again, which is the most important? Money or the souls of men?
I think we both know the answer to that.

You are an integral part of this ministry. To be frank with you, whenever you feel a stirring in your heart about the salvation of souls—as you read what I say or hear what I say over television—that’s the gift of faith at work. You may not think that you have that gift of the Spirit, but if you feel like what I described—you feel it in your heart; it stirs your soul; you hear me say about multitudes being saved, and you feel like you need to pray in that order and believe God accordingly—that’s the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of faith. Most of you never thought that you had this gift, but some of you do, and I need your help as never before. To be frank with you, I need that more than I need anything else—for you to believe with me and to seek God on behalf of this ministry even as so many of you already do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!