From me to you by Jimmy Swaggart
October 2020

Thank The Lord

As we began the last day of the July Share-A-Thon, and I began to talk to the people about salvation, the Spirit of God began to move greatly. I felt led of the Lord to pray the sinner’s prayer, which I did. I invited those in the vast audience from all over the world to pray with me, at least those who needed salvation.

Just a little bit later in the program, I got a note from a dear brother who stated, “Brother Swaggart, I prayed the sinner’s prayer with you, and I don’t think I have ever felt like this in my life.” He was speaking of the salvation experience, which is the greatest experience on the face of the entire earth.

As the Spirit of God begins to move in the programming (whatever it might be), oftentimes, I feel led of the Lord to invite the unsaved to pray with me that which I refer to as the sinner’s prayer.

A Long, Long Time Ago
When I first began in evangelistic work back in the late 1950s, at a particular time, the Lord spoke to my heart, stating, “When you call people forward to pray for them to be saved, don’t take it for granted that they know how to pray.” The Lord went on to say, “Most of them do not know what to say, and they do not know what to pray. So, you should lead them as to what they ought to say, and it will help them greatly.” From then until now, I have done that, and I believe the following is about to take place:

A Mighty Harvest
I believe the Lord has promised me a moving and an operation of the Holy Spirit that is going to be so pronounced that untold thousands are going to give their hearts and lives to Christ through the SonLife Broadcasting Network programming. I have asked the Lord for this, and I believe He has told me that He is going to do it. I also want to say the following:

We Rejoice...
We were informed a short time ago, by one of the largest cable systems in the world, that we have the largest audience of any faith-based program. I felt that was correct but really had no way to know until they told me.

They went on to inform us that they had checked all the programming for the Christian programs, and our program is drawing the largest audience by far. How we thank the Lord for that! How we give Him all the praise and all the glory! How we believe that this is the beginning of the greatest harvest of souls that mankind has ever witnessed or experienced.

I believe that not only is there going to be a great harvest of the souls of men, but at the same time, many are going to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, many will have bondages of darkness broken, and many of the sick will be healed as the power of God begins to move. We are already experiencing a touch of it even now. We are seeing more people saved than ever, and, also, we are seeing people baptized with the Holy Spirit and delivered by the power of God. I thank God for that, but at the same time, I am believing for a harvest such as the world has never known before, and such as the church has never known before.

I Am Asking You...
I know that some of you who hold this magazine in your hands are intercessors. In other words, you know how to pray. You know how to touch God. I implore, I plead with you, and I ask of you that you intercede on our behalf. Ask the Lord with us for Him to give us the greatest anointing of the Holy Spirit and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit that we have ever seen, witnessed, or experienced. I ask you, please, to do that for Brother Swaggart. When you do, you will become a part of the greatest harvest that the world has ever known.

The Lord is using the television programming because it reaches so many souls, and it touches so many hearts and lives. I’m speaking of the entirety of the world. I am told that we go into about 140 countries of the world. How we thank the Lord for that.

And One More Thing...
We couldn’t do all of this without you. I need your prayerful support, as already stated, and I need your financial support. I need you to intercede on our behalf and ask the Lord to do what only He can do. Ladies and gentlemen, facing us is the greatest opportunity for a harvest of souls that the church in general has ever seen before, but again I state, I need your help in every capacity. As you might well imagine, Satan will fight this as never before; nevertheless, “Greater is he that (Who) is in you, than he that (Who) is in the world” (I John 4:4).

We love you, and God bless you.

In the Master’s service, yours, Jimmy Swaggart