Pastor Josh Rosenstern

Pastor Josh & Bethany Rosenstern
I was saved as a child and grew up watching the Jimmy Swaggart Telecast. My family and I moved to Baton Rouge in 1999 in order to be a part of the ministry. I attended Family Christian Academy for high school and graduated in 2006.

Intending to pursue a career in medicine, I enrolled at LSU as a Biological Sciences major, all the while feeling a call to ministry. I met my wife, Bethany, in 2009. In November of 2010, I finally yielded to the call of ministry, and was ordained one year later. I continued at LSU and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in 2011.

Since that time I’ve been working at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries / SonLife Broadcasting Network and travelling throughout the country to various churches ministering the Gopsel.

Mailing Address:
Josh Rosenstern
P.O. Box 262550
Baton Rouge, LA 70826


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