Pastors John & Josh Rosenstern

John & Josh Rosenstern at Family Worship Center, Baton Rouge

John Rosenstern is an associate Pastor at Family Worship Center as well as the director of Family Worship Center's prison ministry. John hosts the show "Insight" on SonLife Broadcasting Network and is a regular and informative panel member on both "The Message of the Cross" and "Frances and Friends"..

Josh Rosenstern was saved as a child and grew up watching the Jimmy Swaggart Telecast. The family moved to Baton Rouge, where he intended to pursue a career in medicine, but all the while feeling a call to ministry. In November of 2010, he finally yielded to the call of ministry, and was ordained one year later, continuing at LSU and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.
Since that time he has been working at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries / SonLife Broadcasting Network and travelling throughout the country to various churches ministering the Gopsel.

John & Josh Rosenstern
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Baton Rouge, LA 70826
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